Lee A. Pollock
Senior Partner

Lee A. Pollock is the firm’s leader. He brings the unique advantage of being both a highly experienced litigator and a highly experienced transactional attorney, His experience as a litigator is most valuable when doing transactional work – it enables him to identify red flags for potential dispute, and steer clients away from litigation. His experience as a transactional attorney helps him to understand the circumstances that gave rise to a dispute, find ways to resolve the dispute before trial, and adopt strategies that will lead to the best possible result when litigation is inevitable.


Dawn M. Portney

Dawn brought her vast real estate and corporate experience to Pollock & Maguire, LLP in 2020. While with Pollock & Maguire, Ms. Portney worked with senior partner Lee Pollock to develop her litigation skills and in October 2021, she joined Lee when he formed the present Pollock & Associates Law. Her primary areas of practice now consist of civil litigation, residential and commercial real estate, and corporate transactions.


Desirae A. Basile

Desirae began working at Pollock & Maguire, LLP in 2020. In 2021, Desirae joined Lee Pollock when he formed the present Pollock & Associates Law, PLLC. Her primary areas of practice consist of real estate, will and trust drafting and administration, formation of business entities and civil litigation.


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